Capital Fish.

You have caught 0 fish!

(0 speared)

Catches per second: 0

Autospear probability: 0%


person fishing on body of water

Old Man

Catches one fish every second.

Costs 30 fish, Sells for 25 fish


red and white boat on sea during daytime

Big Boat

Catches four fish a second!

Costs 90 fish, Sells for 85 fish


a dart sticks into the center of a dartboard

Laser Pointer

20% chance of autospearing.

Costs 40 speared fish, Sells for 35 speared fish


person holding black and silver fishing pole

Bigger Trident

Spear more fish at once!

Costs 600 speared fish, Sells for 600 speared fish


many fishing boats in the sea

Boats 'R' Us

Double your catches per second!

Costs 1200 speared fish, Sells for 500 speared fish


a black question mark written on a wall


You probably don't want to buy this...

Costs 25000 fish, Sells for 0 fish


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